Resident President and How I learned to Love to Produce

On August 1st, my colleagues and I at Creative Soldier embarked on a journey of grand proportions. We’d been contracted to conceptualize, storyboard, write, cast, produce, and film a series of Comedic Commercial Spots for an affordable Luxury Apartment Complex out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

I know what you’re thinking...

How on Earth can you make a comedic commercial spot for Real Estate? 

Those, my friend, are the tight-lipped secrets that keep this business afloat and keep us creative individuals employed enough to continue producing such fantastic work. 

In all seriousness though, this was the biggest endeavor I’ve ever personally faced. It meant thousands of dollars, a crew of at least 25, a cast that reached 30, real stunts, on set animals, thousands of dollars worth of props and wardrobe, and a lot of catering (then no catering) then new - capable/healthy - catering.

I’ve never felt more at home than when I did producing this commercial. We pulled together such a magical team that it wasn’t a surprise to see what magic our work had created together. I’m still laughing over here at these commercials. 

If you live in Philadelphia, you’ll have to let me know when you start seeing these ads on TV. They’ll be on major networks and soon you’ll be wondering why you’re not currently living in Presidential City with our beloved Resident President there to welcome you. 

This is only the beginning for Creative Soldier, and only the beginning for me as a Producer. Another one of those talents I can add to the Jack of all Trades category of my life. 

Crew of PresCity, if you’re reading this… I miss you. But you already know that. 

Photo Credit: Tony Notarberardino

A Playlist of all our Resident President Commercials. Some of which have premiered on cable television. 

Reflecting on 2 full years in NYC...

I used to live in the rearview- scribbling notes on maps so when I find myself at a familiar fork it’ll be an easier choice to make. But now I’m on the cusp of starting a third year in New York and I know that whatever fork I come across will forever be different than the last. I take with me an immeasurable amount of experience and wisdom from friends; I move with love in my veins from family, and I carry a bravery that can only be described in comparison to weakness because it doesn’t take bravery to live. 

I was terrified three years ago – I feared that when I got here it would all fall down around me like a dropped curtain hiding reality. And for a while I did nothing but keep that curtain taught. My weakness was not letting go… of anything. The most important lesson I learned was to humble myself before life. I can’t expect to hold on to anything, to wait for something, or plan perfection. Life is a malleable thing and if you expect it to go South, it’ll sure as hell travel North. So why not go East? 

Live now. Go. Right here while you’re still smiling. Say Yes, and damnit if you don’t want to then say No. Don’t let anyone ever tell you there’s only one way to live – not because they’re wrong, but because you have to figure that one out yourself. I have jobs where the opportunity is bigger than the pay, an apartment that stopped leaking with an overdue AC unit, and I can afford a drink every other night, but I still live paycheck-to-paycheck, pay rent month-to-month, live day-to-day and smile moment-to-moment. I’m not a success story, but I’m happy. I’m happy because I’m alive right now and still going. There is only one way to live – your way. So do it. And trust me, the world will follow.

If anyone wants to come to New York, my advice to you is to keep your arms out and your eyes open. This city is a spiderweb of relationships. If you tug hard enough we’ll all feel it. Though its goal is to eventually eat you alive, its threat is a necessary one because it takes desperation to fuel success. 
One last note to the people of the world. Stop taking so many damn photographs. It’s like you’ve moved out and are constantly convincing us that you’re doing fine. If you were really that happy you wouldn’t feel the need to stop for time enough to snap, edit, tag and post. We’re still here. Come home and live it with us.

AI0A4647 copy.jpg

I've been quoted!

A good friend of mine has written her first article for the most dismal of horror magazines - Diabolique! (dismal being a compliment). 

Having shared many writing classes with this lovely spookmeister in College, I was more than happy to hear that she'd gotten her first article assignment and that she needed a few quotes. 

She's a seasoned Scare-Actor already, and though she could tell you stories for weeks, it always helps to get a few more opinions in there. 

Please, if you have a moment, check out her article about  Why We Scare and when you make it all the way to the end, you may see a familiar someone's words in quotations. 

Click for the Full Article! 

A new editing project...

I was recently hired to edit a few videos together for a project entitled Eventually.

The project focuses on personal accounts of people who've lost someone dear to them.

This was special to me because of how personal its content is, and challenging because the director wanted it to be as realistic as possible. i.e.) no second camera, and now cinematic cuts from one part of their story to another. 

I hope I did these people and their stories justice. If you get a moment, I would check this page out. Especially if you've found yourself losing someone recently. It's an enormous aid to hear someone else's story so intimately. 

Eventually Homepage 


I had to privilege of working Toy Fair 2014 with Hasbro Inc. last week representing their brand new Simon Swipe Game. The classic game is re-imagined with today's touch screen technology: the swipe. I got to play on a Simon Game bigger than me and I even walked away with like six things of Playdough! I worked for the nicest people and with some really talented demonstrators. I hope to be called back in and have the opportunity to play with those sections that had me drooling... MARVEL'S Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America! So many cool toys coming out this year! 

I'm posting a link to a video of the show right here! 

What now?

After months of rehearsal and a spectacular week of performances I'm left wondering where I go from here... 
I tell you where, right back to work.
On the grind in heat-waived New York City. 
Though I'm not looking forward to the days I'll spend without the awkward high-heeled hop from Jared Sorensen Actor, or the wonderful punch of character Racquel Bailey brings with her every where she goes, or the challenged sweetness of Lindsey Zelli while she stares at inappropriate set props in full character, or the acrobatic wonder and allure that is Jeremy Rafal in a storm of bubbles, or the brilliant and resilient stamina of Sybil Faris Johnson falling down in not one, or two, but three different scenes twice a day, in harmony with the detailed advice from Ann Bonner, the sarcastic, encouraging quips from Renee Iovine, and woven together in the careful, nurturing ways of our fearless Director Bobby Holder
I can't thank you all enough for being such a great part of my life that I'll always remember. 
To many a broken leg...