What now?

After months of rehearsal and a spectacular week of performances I'm left wondering where I go from here... 
I tell you where, right back to work.
On the grind in heat-waived New York City. 
Though I'm not looking forward to the days I'll spend without the awkward high-heeled hop from Jared Sorensen Actor, or the wonderful punch of character Racquel Bailey brings with her every where she goes, or the challenged sweetness of Lindsey Zelli while she stares at inappropriate set props in full character, or the acrobatic wonder and allure that is Jeremy Rafal in a storm of bubbles, or the brilliant and resilient stamina of Sybil Faris Johnson falling down in not one, or two, but three different scenes twice a day, in harmony with the detailed advice from Ann Bonner, the sarcastic, encouraging quips from Renee Iovine, and woven together in the careful, nurturing ways of our fearless Director Bobby Holder
I can't thank you all enough for being such a great part of my life that I'll always remember. 
To many a broken leg...