Support for "Crush"

Recently I was contacted by a passionate young filmmaker to work on a few storyboards for his most recent project. Not having met the director before hand, I was a bit skeptical on what exactly he'd have me storyboarding out; but as soon as I read the first page of his script, I knew his heart was in the right place and when we got together to start drafting out his shots, his sense of filmmaking was even more impressive.

Chernoh Sesay translated his vision to me as if he had the film already shot and playing back in his head. Ideas of power and character strengths that come alive by way of the camera. I knew he had something powerful here and I can't thank him enough for granting me the opportunity to work on his film. 

The project is currently still in pre-production and the fundraising and crew gathering is ongoing.

Click to visit the film's Facebook page for more info and updates.

And you can visit my DeviantArt Page for a few of the film's storyboards.

Good luck Chernoh!