Working with TAP NYC Everyday

It was an intense audition, but after hours of trading dialogue, switching characters and throwing out random accents, TAP NYC has chosen their infamous Troupe 10 members for season 26. 

Congratulations go out to the six members: Racquel Bailey, Jared Sorensen, Sybil Faris Johnson, Jeremy Rafal, and Lindsey Zelli. Oh, and the sixth one is me!!  

Together we are the best of the best of the best and we're working every single day to make sure we have the tightest, most comedic scene this side of the hudson river. 

Please come out and see all four of our shows at The Abingdon: 312 West 36th Street

June 25th - Our City @ 7:20pm

June 26th - Romantic Laughter @ 7:20pm

June 27th - Off Broadway Tales @ 7:20pm

June 28th - Kingdom of Manhattan @ 7:20pm

Visit TAP NYC's official website for tickets and more information