Lead Role in feature film Hell House LLC

I just wrapped 9 days on an ambitious feature film entitled Hell House LLC. I had one of the best experiences of my life on this set. Near everyone was a stranger on day one and best friends by the end. We worked day in and day out, were able to use a our improv chops and let the natural chemistry of our set guide us through. 

High honors go out to all of my cast members who really put themselves into the roles. I may have a hard time not using their characters' names when I address them. 

And a wonderful Thank you with a million pats on the back for the crew of Hell House LLC. Director Stephen Cognetti did on day one what most people spend a lifetime achieving - assembling a go-getter crew with nothing but optimism in their sights. He kept us all together, and never once did I see him lose his cool. A true professional. 

I took away with me a better understanding of my craft, how to adapt myself to the characters I portray, and a heap of new friends that I'll stay in touch with my whole life and career. 

Below: A shot of the House (Hell House) on our first day.