Festival tour for The Drifter begins!

The Drifter Team has made their first step toward success. With the film in its final stages, we've submitted to Sundance Film Festival just in time for their deadline. 

This was always our number 1 festival because of how much they appreciate the work that goes into filmmaking; and because of their lenient submission parameters, we were able to submit an unfinished project.  

The Drifter has made picture lock, but is still awaiting original score, color correction, and a few special FX.  

For us to be accepted into Sundance with an incomplete project will be the most rewarding, and proud day of our lives.  

We're on the fast track to finishing the film, sending out a trailer and continuing our festival tour throughout the world.  

If you know of any festivals that tend to fly low on the radar please let us know! We're working on a new fundraising campaign now that'll guarantee resources enough to submit to every festival we come across. 

This is it! We're on our way! Wish us luck and pass on the word! The Drifter is here!