Presidential City - Producer / creator

Working with Post Brothers, we were challenged with rebranding a historic apartment complex with a new identity to attract a younger demographic. It was my duty to develop and adhere to a budget and schedule in which our team of thirty or more cast and crew would descend upon the location for a week and film a total of 19 different commercial spots. 

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Chris Thatcher finds himself on a downward spiral induced by painful memories of his distant past. Taking refuge from his long days and nights of driving aimlessly on the open highway, this drifter stops off in a small town where he happens to cross paths with an old acquaintance who becomes intrigued by his uneasiness. Memories of their past begin to surface. Thatcher has many skeletons to hide and his old rival becomes determined to discover them.

The watergate hotel - Assistant Director

The Watergate Hotel carries a significant history. So when we were asked to rebrand the building, we aimed to update its identity to match its newly built competition. To compliment property upgrade plans, we built to-scale recreations of hallways and areas of the Watergate to capture the reality of the property they planned to unveil. 

There is an elegance here that we strived for and successfully achieved. 

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Illinois center - producer / creator / editor

Working with Illinois Center in Chicago, we wanted to create a piece in which people really started talking about the new construction and possible future of what normally would be considered a plain building. We put together a cast of actors and camera crew to film the scene right outside their building as if the publicity had already skyrocketed.

The Illinois center - producer

Working with the Illinois Center in Chicago, they wanted a brand film that would revolutionize real estate in Chicago. The entire face of their iconic building would soon be under construction. It was up to us to get in there quickly and produce a film that would highlight their transformation.

Eat your heart out - editor / graphics

This is a four minute sizzle reel developed in an effort to sell the concept as a reoccurring scripted reality series. In the show, two professional chefs work to develop themed dinner parties for their clients. Each episode would feature a new theme— based on a song, concept, or film. This episode was based off the film Wet Hot American Summer. 

I was brought on after production to help assemble the days' worth of footage into a twenty minute pilot and a four minute sizzle reel. I worked with producers to alter the story's timeline as well as develop graphics and select music. 

Dumbo heights - assistant director

Before Brooklyn had become the new tech triangle of America, we were tasked with branding the underdeveloped area. We worked with LIVWRK to help define the eight square blocks down under the manhattan bridge overpass as what they are commonly known as today - The Dumbo Heights. 

Visiting their website, viewers can see an even longer version of the film done by our team. 

pmg concrete pour - producer / editor

Working with PMG in Miami, they wanted their newest development to go off with a bang. It was to to be one of their greatest accomplishments and the goal here was to make it seem as if their new building was this year's blockbuster film.

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